Quotes of Wisdom From John Legend

His words reveal so much of why he makes a difference in the music industry today. For the budding musicians of the present era, let these words inspire you to be visionaries in your own way. In his pursuit to save R&B he writes and interprets his own style of music that the world would want to sing.

"People rap-singing has led to the separation of melody from R&B, which is really unfortunmate. I'm not in the same lane. I'm trying to create something transcendent, something that inspires people."

"I wasn't worried about how I was received commercially. The only way I would be worried is if I didn't believe in the music."

"I travel around the world. I sing in English, but people who don't speak the same language are able to get it, understand it and love it. I believe that if you do the music right it doesn't have to have the boundaries that we place around it."

"dream and let it happen"

"It's not just in the back of my mind. It's pretty forward."

"You have to understand that when you're in the mode of a new artist, you're just trying to prove to people that you belong, that you should have a deal. You have to go in there with confidence saying, yes, I have music that's important, music that's relevant."