Marching to the Beat of My Mother's Heart - My Mother's Day Tribute

We are all our mother's children. While it is true that we have ceased being children, our mothers, especially mine, have not ceased being a mom. Now, that I am a mother myself, I understand and appreciate all the more, the value of motherhood, of discipline, the priceless value of frugality, and patience.

Introspectively surprised, I see myself more as "a brick off the wall." Strange parallelisms are quite obvious now. Unconsciously, I am becoming more like her, the difference is that, she has a kinder heart. I remember as a kid, during the summer season, she would organize Vacation Bible School in our house back in Las Pinas. The house would be filled with children from different age groups. As a young girl, honestly, I never genuinely intended to work with children. Nowadays, our house is a place for children the whole year round. She would prepare snacks for the kids attending VBS back then, I on the other hand prepare snacks and meals during rehearsals, and occasionally during some impromptu gatherings of Clavier Piano School. She loved organizing events in the neighborhood which would require me and my brother to be there to participate, though reluctantly. Truth is, I did not quite understand nor appreciate why she has to organize those activities, but the need was there. Now, I regularly need to organize two piano recitals every year with only three members of the production team... and I thought my mom was a slave driver. LOL

Her love for managing people helped establish her career in managing a chain of department stores, but she eventually chose to be a full-time mother and housewife. It did not stop her from being enterprising, by establishing her business at home. Her patience with people is anything beyond my ability to comprehend. She would most of the time, follow her heart; she would know those who are truly in need and would see the potential in people whom she would give chances to. Her intuition is, short of saying, almost prophetic. I am still far from becoming that-- but I do see the potential in students whom I push and give chances to, I guess that qualifies as similarity.

Mom is not perfect, just like any other human being. We had to deal with her swinging moods like that of a primadonna at times. Her anger coud explode like that of the Pinatubo, as my dad would call it, but it would only be for that moment. She never holds a grudge, she would be frank to speak her mind, but that's it. You would be drinking coffee and laughing again in a little while.

Now that she's in another continent, it does not stop her from being a supportive mother. She would keep in touch to see if everything is OK, she forced herself to learn the internet and computer technology for this purpose. She knows if I'm in emotional (or financial) distress without me saying so. In her weakening body due to a rare condition, she remains to be a woman of strength in many other ways.

I was always been said to be my Dad's junior. In my stern social and communication skills, I believe so. But in matters of the heart, intuition, parenting, and ways of planning my life, I am my Mother's daughter.

She has driven me to become what I am now, and I am very thankful for what she has done. My ultimate goal is to become a full-time mom. I am blessed with a kind of job that enables me to be with my children, but hopefully, in the near future, I would be retiring, and devote more time to enjoy life with them, just like my mom.

For this occasion, I made a gallery of posters with quotes for mothers HERE .

Happy Mother's Day to all moms! I love you, mommy.