The Inspiring Legacy of Thurgood Marshall

There can be no more phenomenal instance in the life of Thurgood Marshall or in black history itself as during 1967, President Lyndon Johnson ordained Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court. This appointment exemplified a long uphill climb to see African American leaders assume important roles of influence in the local, state and federal governments all-over America. For all of the fierce social protests and struggles “on the streets” in the 1960s and 1970s headed by celebrated black leaders such as Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, it can be contended that the lasting influence Thurgood Marshall in his time on the Supreme Court caused just as much impact to enhance the lives of black Americans as any different leader of his time.

While you look at the time frame that Thurgood Marshall exhibited his leadership at a national level, this was a landmark time period in which he made great steps to take this country from one still being impacted by the attitudes and social systems of slavery and a past full of discrimination to a society on a bright path to turn into a truly integrated society of the future.

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Thurgood Marshall: American Revolutionary