Tsunami Warning by Taylor Morrison: A Book Review

Tsunami Warning
The Tsunami Warning written by Taylor Morrison published by Houghton Mifflin Books for Children (April 30, 2007) is a book highly recommended for readers between the ages 9 -12.
It revealed the factual unveiling of the deficiency in tsunami detection and warning systems particularly in the countries along the coast of the Indian Ocean including the Atlantic coast of the US.  The disastrous 2004 tsunami along the Indian Ocean coastline became a grim reminder for governments of various nations to set up warning systems for tsunamis.  Along the Pacific Coast, a sensor was installed way back in 1946 after a tsunami struck Hilo, Hawaii. 
In this book Taylor Morrison also mentions the earthquake in the Aleutian Island that precedes the tsunami that struck Hawaii without a warning in 1946.  Tracing back further a few hours back, the wave that moved toward Hawaii originated from Unimak Island, Alaska particularly from the destruction of Scotch Cap Lighthouse. This book offered some information on the operational tsunami warning systems during the time which eventually prompted the Coast and Geodetic Survey to further develop a better warning system.
The graphics used in the book are reminiscent of the 1940 popular visual art style distinguishable by its palette of green, gray, and black differing from the typically bright colored children’s books commonly found on the bookstore racks.

It revolves around the themes of environmentalism, engineering developments, and the power of Nature’s fury presented in a very effective writing style.