Study Tips to Avoid Mental Block

Kindle - Advanced Memory TechniquesA mental block is defined as the failure to continue a train of thought. It is often described as a temporary inability to recall a name or other information. Here are practical tips on avoiding mental block.

1. Have a preview of your lesson by reading ahead what your teacher may discuss in the near future.
2. As you read you may mark or underline important points.
3. Pause for a while and review in your mind, using your own words, what you have understood.
4. After reading and understanding the whole chapter/ subject matter, take down notes.
5. In your note taking, use some symbols (“retrieval cues) which would help you retrieve of recall what you have studied.
6. Review your notes night after night and discuss them with others. You may read other references.
7. You may scan your notes the night before the exam, but make sure you get enough sleep of at least 7-8 hours.
8. After waking up early in the morning, meditate or have a devotion to pray, looking at the bright side of life. Sing joyfully while taking a shower. Eat a good breakfast with less carbohydrates and more protein.
9. Be confident believing that you have done your best and now you are ready for the exam. Never cram. Give your mind enough rest.
10. During the test, answer the easy items first and then go back to the difficult ones later. This time you can use your “retrieval cues.”