Home Child Safety Tips for New Parents

Several measures can be taken to see to it that the diverse elements in your house are safe for children especially for babies and toddlers. For example, baby walkers may become dangerous items for babies and toddlers, as they can cause children to fall down stairs or bump their head on a sharp corner. Always make sure that safety gates are properly installed and that the cribs meet current safety standards. Gates that can be fastened to walls are ideal to be placed at the top landing area of stairs, while spring-loaded gates are best for the foot of stairs.

Next, check different parts of the cribs, such as the mattress, the frame, and the screws. When it comes to bathtub safety, remember these tips: A child may drown even in just an inch of water in less than a minute! Within a few seconds, hot water from a faucet can scald a person’s skin. In fact, a child’s skin can get burned in one-fourth of the time needed for an adult’s skin to get burned! Before bathing your baby in the bathtub water, rest the temperature using your elbow. When bathing for your baby, consistently start out and end the bathing process, with cool water. If you should leave the bathroom during your child’s bath time, take your child along with you. During the bath teach your child to keep seated in the bathtub the whole duration of the bath time to avoid the risk of slipping and bumping the head.
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While certain parts of the house can be dangerous to children, just remember that child safety products can help to ensure their safety. Be mindful of the items that your child puts in his or her mouth. Prevent your child from choking on and swallowing objects by keeping items that are small enough to fit in a child’s mouth out of reach especially for babies and toddlers. Objects that pose a threat to very young children when swallowed include tiny toy parts, chips, seeds, small candies and nuts, wrapping paper, popcorn, broken balloons, batteries, and hot dogs. To prevent your young child from choking on food, cut solid foods that are hard and round, into smaller strips. Instruct children to always chew their food slowly and remain sitting up during meals or snacks. As a parent, it is important to know very well the signs of choking and the steps needed to take when it happens.
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Aside from choking on small objects, be aware that the majority of homes can contain about 200-300 poisons. Teach children the danger symbols on bottles and containers, so they will understand the danger of touching or even consuming such products. Items such as household chemical cleaners; nail polish; perfume; cosmetics and some poisonous plants should be kept away from children’s reach, as they become toxic when consumed. Even party leftovers, certain medications, and holiday decorations can be toxic to children! Also remember the difference between “child-resistant” caps from “child-proof” versions. TotShield Stove Guard for Stoves with Control Knobs Located in the Front (Usually Gas Stoves)

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