Decorate Your Door With a Harvest Wreath

flickr image: ByJane
How to Make a Harvest Wreath

Whether you reside high above a sprawling city or down the road in a country cottage, autumn has that special meaning for all of us. Traditionally, autumn is a time for getting people together in local festivals and fairs to celebrate the produce of summer. Harvest wreaths celebrate this tradition by using apples, gourds, seed pods, brightly colored leaves, dried corn and grapes as design components.

A magnificent display of fruits of the harvest, this wreath sports a simple wicker cornucopia that has been dyed to match the root base. The basic arrangement of the wreath can be used at other times to spill forth dried flowers, or other natural dried materials.

The cornucopia is the traditional symbolization for harvests.  It spills the bounty of another year in the fields and vineyards, expecting a good year ahead.

The wicker cornucopia is wired to a 17-inch (43-cm.) root base. Then a piece of styrofoam is likewise wired into the cornucopia and the wreath base.  The flat materials and streamers of calico ribbon are added to contribute to the shape of the composition. The bigger elements —plastic grapes, gourds, and silk apples — are added next with picks, and those laid against the base are also attached using hot glued.  The small elements, like the preserved leaves, more calico ribbon, Spanish moss, and okra pods are added to fill up the wreath.