Cat Carriers to Bring a New Pet Cat Home

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Simply due to the fact you aren't a mom cat, you mustn't carry your kitten by its neck. You may position your hand lightly below his torso, keeping his legs safely together  using your fingers, and allow one other hand to assist what's left by cupping its hind. It is possible to teach members of the family to handle your pet in the same manner.

The best way to take the new pet kitten home is in a little box (no lid, as it would frighten him). A pet carrier is a must when transporting a full-grown cat to your home. A cat carrier is a ventilated, confined box big adequate for your adult cat to turnabout inside. The handle of the carrier should be sturdy. A cat can go anywhere in this carrier and barely know he's been there since the outside is not so visible. It is perfect for traveling to and from the vet, the kennel or pet boarding place if needed, or for any form of travel. It is more ideal for you as the owner and possibly less likeable for the feline who does not enjoy confinement. This would keep the cat from meddling with the proper handling of the car by lodging its neck through the steering wheel or trying to ride in the driver's lap. In whatever case, it is the most dependable and most expedient way of transporting a cat from one point to another  These pet carriers are for sale at pet shops in various shapes, sizes, materials, and prices.

If it is the new kitten's first ride in an automobile, it is reasonable that feelings of fear and separation anxiety is present. It is important to comfort the kitten or cat with your calm and gentle voice while softly stroking its back. It will help to alleviate some of the trauma of the unusual environment he is entering. Keep in mind that the cat has been separated from the familiarity of his past to now live with total strangers. No one likes being whisked away from protection of a family. But you will promptly win him over using your winsome means and a little warm milk.

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