Groupon Deals and Customer Buying Guide

Groupon is a website where discounts on products, dining, travel, recreation, and other exciting deals are featured daily. Groupon deals are available in 48 countries worldwide.  Shoppers save time hunting for deals and discounts because Groupon does the job of negotiating discount rates with business establishments. Deals are updated daily and are sent to thousands of Groupon subscribers by email.

Groupon offers these exciting features to their customers.
Personalized Deals -With the relevant information provided by the cusomer (zip code, gender, and age), Groupon can suggest better deals to fit the customers' interests and location.
Buy & Redeem Groupons on Mobile Devices
Groupon Gift Cards - Groupon members have an option to buy gift cards in electronic of physical card type. Groupon gift cards are sent to the recipient through email or regular mailbox. Customers may add a personal touch and choose the delivery date of the Groupon Gift Cards.
Business Partnerships - Business owners have the opportunity to reach more potential customers by partnering with Groupon. Being with the Groupon network means more product exposure and more focused target market daily.

Returns and Refunds
When a customer experiences problems in claiming coupons, Groupon assures to correct the error or return the purchase. If the business linked to the deal closes down permanently, Groupon will refund unredeemed Groupons.

What warranties are offered on products sold through Groupon?
All products distributed through Groupon are sold AS IS. Products sold on Groupon come with manufacturer's warranties. If some problem should arise, the customer should get in touch with the manufacturer directly.

Groupon Customer Service Contact Details
Groupon has assigned customer representatives per country where Groupon operates.  The main office of Groupon is located in Chicago. Their other offices are in Palo Alto California.  Regional offices are located throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and in many countries around the world. More contact details can be found in their customer support page.

The Help Center hotline number is 1 (888) 375-5777 available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm CST.

What other incentives does Groupon offer apart from discounts?
Groupon offers an affiliate program for website owners which allow them to place relevant, dynamic website content or galleries. Depending on the country of operation, Groupon members may be rewarded with either points or cash for referring new members to Groupon.

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