Step Into The Music

On Music appreciation and personal involvement

Music can be inspired by "steps"-- the action of the feet, like walk, hop, run, dance and march in the literal and psychomotor definition of the word, "step." In the more profound context, to step into the music means to involve one’s self in that wonderful realm of sound and emotion.
Apart from the sound that is heard when produced through the physical action of the fingers, arms or the parts of the body, true music comes from within the performer’s inner persona — translating notes on paper from an intellectual experience, permeating from the mind to the soul, then delivered to the audience who will experience music with the performer through different senses and feelings. It is then that one has stepped "into" the music.
It is a communal experience which gives one a greater appreciation for the art of music and movement, it’s physical and artistic demands on musicians, and the love for the craft instilled in every hardworking musician.
In this manner, Music can bring great joy and fullfillment to the lives of people.