That old Christmassy feeling once again

My Most Unforgettable Christmas Songs - Because some Christmas songs hold a special place in my heart. Waxing nostalgic here.

History of Some Well-loved Christmas Carols - Do You Know How Your Christmas Carols Came About?

Christmas Carols and the Victorian Era - Some of our favorite Christmas carols were either written or revised during the Victorian era. We owe the Victorians a debt of gratitude for their contribution to the music that's such an important part of our Christmas celebration today.

The Nostalgia of Victorian-Inspired Christmas Cards - Victorian art is synonymous to opulence, timeless beauty and nostalgia. Its style holds a timeless charm especially when used in items pertaining to the Christmas celebration.

Practical Guidelines on Gift Giving - It pays to plan ahead in order to avoid the burned-out feeling of the Christmas paranoia. Due to this, sometimes we tend to forget to enjoy the reason for the celebration. Throughout the years, I have applied three basic rules in my gift giving practices.

The Inspiring Story Behind the Song Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - From a depressed widower father to a millionaire, how did Rudolph change the life of Robert "Bob" May?