If I Should Make A Mother's Day Tribute...

I believe that everyday is mother's day because the presence of moms, especially those who have and are continuously fulfilling their lifetime motherly roles, deserve to be honored daily. But today is extra special, and I shall try to conform with the traditions of the day. Before you raise an eyebrow, I like to tell you that I got that no-drama attitude from my mom, too.

My mom's extent of benevolence and understanding knows no bounds. Her strength of character and willpower defy her physical limitations. Always resourceful and enterprising, mom saw to it that we can experience more than the mere basics of life. 

I remember that she gave up a promising career of managing a chain of department stores in the Philippines to stay home and take on the unglamorous and underpaid job of being a hands-on parent to my brother and I - a role not all mothers, especially in the Philippines, are willing to embrace.

We were not an affluent family, but I wanted to be a musician. What a contradicting dream for a daughter of an employee in a third world country, right? But she found a way to acquire a piano and she searched the rural areas for a piano teacher. I eventually became a musician and a piano teacher. I owe this success to her unstoppable determination.

Her enterprising spirit was not held back by being a housewife. I remember coming home from my college dormitory on weekends being greeted by a house filled with factory workers and engineers who were already living in our ground floor  The vacant rooms of our house were transformed into bedspace rentals.  I guess being a superintendent runs in her blood way before that title was even invented.

Mommy, I still have lots to say but I'll stop here and we'll continue our talks and our internal jokes through chat. I just want to tell the whole world how blessed we are for having you as a mom. Your courage and faith in the face of trials remain unwavering. We miss you and we hope to see you soon.

Happy mother's day, mommy.