Top 10 TV Anti-Heroes

It's a guilty pleasure to be watching and loving these TV anti-heroes many of us have grown to love. The popularity of these types of characters have grown so much that it is becoming harder to delineate which side is the hero and which side leans toward the villain character. Many popular anti-heroes like Dexter Morgan and Walter White are fictional, while some are based on the lives of actual historical characters such as Nucky Thompson and Rodrigo Borgia.

Something about each one of them is so irresistible that's why we keep coming back for more, week after week. Perhaps because they portray and live that dark side of us in the fantasy world. In the comfort of our couches, we watch them do their stuff without physical accountability on our side; and the best part of it is that the anti-heroes end up winning, more often than not (or so we'd like to think), unless the TV series gets cancelled or unless history has recorded their downfall.

In no particular order, these are my top 10 anti-heroes of from my favorite TV series.

1. Dexter Morgan of Dexter - Showtime
2. Pope Alexander VI of Borgias - Showtime
3. Nucky Thompson of Boardwalk Empire - HBO
4. Walter White a.k.a. Heisenberg of Breaking Bad - ANC
5. Tony Soprano of The Sopranos - HBO
6. Dr. House from House, M.D. - Fox
7. Kenshin Himura of Samurai X - Fuji TV (?)
8. Sherlock Holmes of Sherlock - PBS
9. Nicholas Brody of Homeland - Showtime
10. Bugs Bunny of Looney Tunes - Warner Bros.

There you have it. That's my list and these are mainly the shows I watch since I have very limited time for TV. I know you also have your own choices. Feel free to recommend your chosen anti-heroes.

image credit: Sin Amigos
under Creative Commons License
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