3 Simple Ways to Cure Procrastination

People procrastinate for many reasons. According to psychologists, there are four basic reasons for this behavior pattern.
  1. They view the task before them as unpleasant or boring.
  2. They lack knowledge in managing their time and responsibilities.
  3. They feel overwhelmed by the task to be done.
  4. They cannot see the any immediate results or benefits.

What should be done?

Get it over with.
When faced with an unpleasant assignment, act on it as soon as possible.  Try to do it first and get it over with.  Do not spoil the whole day constantly thinking about this dreaded thing to be done.  In an organization setting, you may delegate the task to someone else.

Divide and conquer.
For assignments that seem to complex or too large, divide the work into small components, then tackle each individually.  Focus on one step at a time. This way, you won’t be paralyzed with fear at the enormity of an assignment.

Reward yourself.
If the reason is that you cannot see any immediate reward, set up your own reward when the task is completed.  This personal incentive that you set up will serve to motivate you to finish the task.

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