I DO Like Mondays. How About You?

The Boomtown Rats released a poignant song back in 1979 entitled "I Don't Like Mondays." The piano intro and the melody stuck to me like an itch that would not leave. I love the song but I also love Mondays. 

You wouldn't even begin to understand why Mondays are awesome days unless you're a performer, musician, or an entertainer. (I should include freelancer in this list.) It's probably the most peaceful day of the week for us.

In our vocabulary TGIF does not mean rest and recreation. It's the start of a hectic stream of work, rehearsals, and performances.

During my student days, I volunteered as a church musician. Fridays and Saturdays were spent on choir rehearsals, personal rehearsals had to be done in between classes and academic homework. On Sundays, musicians have to be in church from 6am till 9pm to serve on all services.

On Fridays and Saturdays many of us are teaching private lessons. Yes, it is fun; but dealing with 10-15 different personalities in day can be very physically and mentally draining.

Come Monday, everything is quiet. When the 9-5 corporate people have gone off to work, we sleep and wake up late. After a hearty breakfast without the pressures of rushing to the bundy clock, we can now head to the market or grocery. You'd appreciate how peaceful a supermarket is without long lines at the parking lot and cashier.

Even the park is eerily quiet; but I love it that way. It's time to gather new inspirations for work and writing.

Mondays are truly magical for me. 


image by David Castillo Dominici /freedigitalphotos.net