Home Decorating Ideas Using Vintage Posters

Vintage posters have popular and enduring charms because of the connections from a departed era.  The nostalgia they emanate is valued up to the present age.

Vintage posters are growing in popularity and the demand is steadily growing during the recent years. Its rarity in the marketplace adds to the high value of authentic vintage posters.  Besides being a collector’s fantasy, vintage posters are bought for their unique aesthetic charm that they add to the overall look of a room. It is that certain classical spirit in each piece that makes it an impressive staple to various establishments such as diners, eating places, museums, theaters, or homes.

If you search for the "vintage posters" on the internet, and you will find an astonishing number of leads - a good number of these sites either offer to buy or are selling vintage posters.

Some well-known museums that display a significant amount of authentic vintage posters, include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Louvre in Paris,  the Museum of Modern in New York, and the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.  Of course, the most practical way of viewing and getting information on these rare items is to browse about vintage posters online.

There are two major classes of vintage posters.  The first type is the authentic vintage poster-- the master copy itself.  Authentic vintage posters are priced high due to of the low availability factor in the market and, of course, among collectors. Often, one would notice that the price gets higher with the age of the poster. Just imagine how much a 19th century poster from Europe would cost you. It is quite difficult to get hold of posters that were contemporaries of the legendary poster maker, Jules Cheret, because almost all of these were damaged through time by environmental elements. Posters made in the 19th century did not have the advantages of modern printing technologies that we are presently enjoying.

The second form of vintage poster is called "vintage" not in reference to its age, but is based on its style. Several artists of this era are concentrating exclusively on vintage art. If you would visit an art gallery or baroque themed establishments, you'll most probably come across vintage style art pieces as part of the decor. Famous artists focusing on vintage art include Dennis Loren, Julia Head, Kenneth Shoesmith, and Eugene Grassetare.

In fact, you can produce a vintage style poster with the use of software or just with regular art materials done by hand.  What differentiates one from the other software user is the level of creative talent and skill which would render the final product, whether hands- on or through the computer.


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