Frugal Living: Shopping for Stylish Clothes at Thrift Stores

Most people, on the average, clean out their wardrobe closet at least two times each year. All the clothes they no longer need are brought either to charity organizations or thrift stores. Many people donate clothes, shoes, or accessories that they only wore a few times. Some still have the tags attached on them. The most common thrift shops to find such garments are the Salvation Army and the Goodwill. Both of these shops inspect clothes for stains and damages so you’ll still be able find good quality clothes at very low prices.

A lot of people think these thrift shops only carry obsolete clothing but that is simply not always true. Children frequently outgrow their clothes fast even before it has been worn out or the trend has faded. There are also lots of clothing items that never go out of style such as t-shirts and denim pants. While you might not find the same styles sold at the trendy stores in the area you’ll still find lots of quality clothes for less than what you normally pay for at a regular store.

For example, jackets are generally quite expensive but not if you buy them from a thrift store. There are many winter jackets, sweaters, and windbreakers you can choose from. To make it easier for shoppers to find the right size, most thrift stores sort clothing by the types and by sizes. However, you will to spend some extra time rummaging through the available items. The downside is that when you come across something you really like and it does not fit, chances are you won’t be able to find it in some other size as you do in the department store.

Some thrift stores carry assorted household items, too. Other larger facilities sell used furniture pieces, appliances, and books. You may just be able to spot a rare furniture item that you cannot find somewhere else.

Too many thrift shops have acquired a bad reputation for being viewed as a shopping place for people who don’t have enough money. If your pride holds you back from going to second-hand stores then you might just be throwing away money. If you’ve never visited a thrift store you should reconsider and take the time to do so. You may be pleasantly surprised at what treasures you may find there.

Another good example of a money saving opportunity at either thrift stores is when shopping for party dresses, wedding gowns, costumes, and prom dresses. These clothes are probably only worn once so you eventually avoid spending hundreds of dollars on such clothes if you find one you really like. You may be able to discover a good selection of such clothes that are still stylish. Even if you have to spend a little extra to have the dress modified, you can still get the beautiful dress you want without the unnecessary expense.

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