Science Activity: Teaching Composting to Children

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Passing on composting methods through education is another way to secure that you're able to hand the legacy to newer generations. Though packaging the teaching process is a different facet that the composting enthusiast should not miss. There are several ways of instructing composting to adults, but kids have different needs and might require more than the expertise of supervising your heap's temperature.

Here are other techniques for teaching composting processes to kids. It can truly be fun and rewarding to transfer this skill to younger children when you are very familiar with composting, and it would actually help yield awareness to their parents and others in the community.

Using Visuals

Hands-On Ecology: Real-Life Activities for KidsNothing pounds the boring feel a kid catches from pure text. Unless the child is bent on enjoying pure words, visuals are the best way to go about inculcating a love for composting. Make the best of pictures, Powerpoint presentations and different technical devices you could use. If you're on an offhand teaching class, make use of vibrant words to assist the kids to envision the scenario of composting. At any rate, encourage the kids to envisage the whole process.

Do a complete demonstration.

The demonstration would be able to teach a ton to the kids, better than any discussion could. Using demonstration, you not only display to them how it's done, you also show them that you're well capable of doing what you're instructing them. Looking the actions immediately will also get rid of the need for them to ask questions when their turn for trying it arrives because they will be able to ask their questions as you go along with the demo.


Children can become opinionated about things that they like. Hit their fancy even further by drawing out some feedbacks from them once in a while. Also encourage them to ask their questions to you. Taking away their inhibitions would help you instruct them more concepts than when you're dealing with a restive crowd.

Entertain every question and give adequate time to answer every question.

Children get easily disheartened. So be sure that you're able to set aside judgment and entertain questions, regardless how “stupid” or minor they might appear to you. Keep in mind, you're dealing with kids here. Whenever possible, get an assistant teacher who's also a kid to help you gain a greater perspective of teaching composting to kids.

Talk about benefits at the beginning so they'll know what composting is really for. If the kids are oriented from the start that what they're doing has great importance, they're more expected to cooperate and do the projects cheerfully. Check that you're completely able to help them realize how composting aids the environment and how it would make a positive difference to many people.

Allow them to do it, and resist interfering when possible.

The main point for educating them about composting is to get them outfitted with the skills they require to be able to execute composting themselves. So, looking at them doing the composting may help you see where possible problems might dwell. You could also quickly praise them and correct them as needed.

At any rate, encourage them for each form of advancement attained, regardless how small it is, so as to help build up their confidence.

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