Fashion Trends: Overalls are Making a Sexy Comeback

It looks like fashionistas, particularly the fans of jumpers and overalls won't be spending a lot this year. Designers are bringing back overalls to the runway and to the streets. Come to think of it, did overalls really leave us at all? Well, not really; but this time overalls are getting a sexier twist.

Overall styles are more body-hugging than the usual sloppy-looking and loose-fitting utility wear. The wide-legged styles will still remain but undershirt will have to go, leaving a strappy look that still appears tough while maintaining enough bare arms and shoulders for a sexier look. Prints will remain in vogue.

If this is the case, we may expect to see more people flocking to thrift shops for basic material and dressmakers for alterations.

We'll be seeing traces of 70s and 80s fashion coming into play. Nothing's really new after all.

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