Product Review: A4tech N-70FX Padless Mouse

Not all computer mice are created equal. Even for simple computer tasks such as word processing and browsing, you will always want a reliable tool. Don't make the same mistake I committed not too long ago. With the intention to save some buck, I bought the low-price brands from store outlets in nearby malls. After having to replace 4 computer mice in only a few month's time, I learned my lesson.

I bought this A4tech N-70FX Wired Mouse July 1, 2012 and it has been serving me well up to this day (for 1 year, 7 months and counting), still in tip top shape. This are the actual photos of my mouse which I have been using daily for 17 months as of this time of writing.

There are lots of cheap computer mouse brands everywhere, often China-made. Out of frustration from using 4 mice priced at around $2 each in just a span of 1 year, I finally gave up and decided to buy a branded mouse.

I got this padless mouse for $8 from a certified A4 Tech store. The V-Track technology uses vertical ray which makes it versatile enough to run on any surface including fur, cloth, glass, and even on dusty areas without a mouse pad. True to its claim, I have saved money by not buying any of those expensive mouse pads from computer accessory stores.

The size of 3.9 x 2.4 x 1.4 inches is just right for my small hands. It does not stress my pointer finger unnecessarily since the distance of the buttons from the palm area keeps my fingers in a natural curve.
One of the special features of the N-70FX is its screen capture function which can be operated using the software that's downloadable from the A 4Tech website. Other functions accessible from the screen capture tool include the Tutor Pen, 4-way wheel, multimedia, 16-in-one, and host of other programmable tasks that can be done using this mouse.

The DPI button on top allows the user to select from 4 settings 800, 1,000, 1,200, and 1,600 DPI. The double-click orange button is my favorite function as it lessens finger stress. I programmed the two side buttons for zoom-in and zoom-out functions.

So far, so good. I'm a very satisfied A4Tech mouse user. After 17 months of use, this has no signs of malfunction. I'm never going back to those cheap mouse brands ever!