The Charm of Roses and Rose Gardens

Roses are always popular.  In whatever country you go, in any part of the world, a rose carries a universal charm in any culture. The complexities of this lovely flower continue to beguile many people for centuries. Rose varieties can be classified into various types and so are rose gardens.

Many rose gardens have the genus Rosa rose species.  The main attraction of these breed of roses is its capacity to grow into large sizes.  They come in varying hues of white, pink, or red.
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Old European Garden Roses are the hybrid types that were in vogue before the Rosa chinesis variety became the leading choice during 18th century. But the good old garden rose, remains popular to this day.  It is perfect especially for new rose gardens.  It can endure extreme cold weather and are resistant to a lot of rose diseases, blooms beautifully and gives off a heady fragrance.

Many modern day roses are cross bred from the tea rose variety. Many rose gardens incorporate these flowers with a selection of shrub rose breeds. These are popular for their pretty appearance, long-lasting quality, and tolerance of almost all types of rose diseases.
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If you are among the more adventurous rose enthusiasts, you may wish to commission a botanist to create a hybrid rose with your own distinct rose character. It will definitely cost you a quite an amount unless you are a close relative or a best friend of the botanist or horticulturist, but it will be surely be worth the extra cost. Classified in various type and forms, a rose in any form continues to the most favored flower of all.

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