Most Popular Types of Apples

Apple - An Essential Nutritional Fruit
In the past, there have been just a few kinds of apple trees which you could buy. But nowadays, thanks to the marvels of genetic engineering, if you prefer to buy an apple tree you're able to choose between many several types of apples and flavors. Here is an outline of five different popular kinds of apples that you may consider for your first apple tree.

 The Fuji apple, first introduced in Japan, has been available since 1962. The Fuji apple bears yellow-green skin having red streaks down the side. The inside is delectable and sweet. It's white, crisp, crunchy, and very flavorsome. It turns ripe by mid-September, but tastes the best if it's left to completely mature till October or November. These apples would start maturating early and grow abundantly. They're good for cross-pollinating other apples. The Fuji tree can stand wet, dry, or poor soil, but the fruit character will most probably reflect the quality of the soil.

Gala apples are a terrific tasting import coming from New Zealand. The Gala apple comes with yellow skin with a slight speck of red, and it is medium in size. The insides are yellow, firm, crisp, very juicy and smells great. When they're fresh they are among the best tasting apples you are able to grow. They grow easily, and the trees bear fruit heavily. They turn ripe in late July. They're usually not utilized for cooking, only because Fuji is a better option. The trees can mature in wet, dry, and poor soil too.

The delightful Braeburn apples' color changes from gold with red streaks to almost entirely red. It was first popularized some time in the latter part of 1940's. It also came from New Zealand together with the Fuji, and is nowadays the best selling apple in Germany. The insides are white, aromatic, firm, crisp and juicy. They are sweet, but also a bit tart. The size varies from medium to large. They were brought in to the United States about 1980, and met with great exuberance. They're some of the most popular apples in the world. They typically don't become brown very quickly after being cut. They turn ripe along October or November.  

As red as its name exclaims, the Red Delicious apple is quite tall and large. Their yellow insides are crisp, juicy, sweet, and delicious. They're grown around the country, and are excellent to put in salads. They're typically recognized by their distinguishable heart shape. They were introduced in 1874 in Peru, Iowa. They turn ripe in mid to late September. They're usually great when they're fresh off the tree.

Golden Delicious apples have excellent, juicy flavor. Their insides are crisp, firm, white, and sweet. They are great for cooking because they keep their great taste and shape. The skin is thin and soft. They are best for salads. They vary in size from medium to large. They're shaped just like the red delicious apple. A lot of people enjoy them, though they bruise kinda easily. They turn ripe in late September. It's good for several purposes, and they last a long time when not handled roughly.

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