Fridge and Pantry Essentials That Every Smart Cook Needs

Whipping up delicious wholesome meals is easy when you start with a stocked fridge, pantry and freezer. Thanks to modern advances of packaging and one-stop, it is easy to have the necessities on hand.


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Refrigerator bread dough – You can always make bread sticks, pizza, or potpie if you have dough available.

Washed and bagged vegetables are extra convenient because they’re pre-washed.

Cheeses are great as quick snacks or a savory additions to potatoes or salad.
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Salad dressings
These can also be used in marinades.

Fruit preserves can be used to glaze roasted meats or swirl into puddings and cheesecakes.


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Canned broths are essential to thin sauces and baste roasts. 

Couscous and pilaf mixes are not only good as side dishes, they also make instant stuffing, too.

Prepared sauces can easily substitute for homemade versions.

Cake and muffin mixes when modified with a just a few additions, can be a base mix for many of your own tempting creations.

Granola and flake cereals can be used to top casseroles or streusels.
Kashi Cocoa Beach Granola Cereal, 14.3-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4)
Nuts add flavor, texture and nutrition when sprinkled or added into pie crusts, streusel toppings, and bread dough.

Instant soup packets can be used to perk up meat loaf, potatoes, or a rice dish.


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Individual frozen vegetables are very handy whenever you need them.  Easy-to-keep frozen vegetables retain all the nutrients of their fresh counterparts.

Mixed frozen vegetables make stir frying extra easy.

Frozen puffed pastry can create an impressive dessert, elegant appetizer or potpie if you have this staple on hand.

Frozen fruits are good to be readily available to add to pies and cobblers.